Automate the takeoff process and spend more time on estimating and less on measuring—you’ll save hours or even days.

VECTOR by Estimating Edge

Built by Construction Estimating Experts Who Understand Your Business

Unlike any other market solutions, VECTOR is a 2D quantity takeoff web-based solution that extracts 3D data and speeds up the takeoff process between 40%–70%.

Focus on The
Estimate Instead
of "Coloring in
the Lines"

Simply import and let VECTOR extract quantities from the 3D model. Filter out the noise, verify the properties, and finish with an automated 2D quantity takeoff.

Best of all, VECTOR can be used alone for takeoff and estimating or with the professional-grade estimating solution The EDGE®. It’s robust and detailed enough for bids of any size and intuitively designed to help both new and seasoned estimating professionals work smarter, bid sharper and build better.

Don’t just estimate faster. Estimate better®



Spend less time measuring the plan with model-based estimating

  • A central location for all plans & documents with cloud-based document management.
  • Intelligent-advanced filtering & searching so you quickly find the details you need.
  • Groundbreaking 3D viewer synchronizes with the 2D plan and helps you identify design conflicts while you estimate.
  • Intelligent/Intuitive Assemblies with templates that can be saved & customized.
  • Export or use Reports to share details with Accounting, the Field, Owners or General Contractors, and more!
  • Automated Quantities from 3D Models leverages new technology without having to learn complex 3D software. With features like a next-gen, 3D viewer you’ll be able to see design conflicts sooner.
  • 2D Quantity Takeoff. After you’ve validated the 3D elements, finish the takeoff in 2D or use this powerful solution with just 2D plans.
  • Web-Based that’s lightning-fast – it uses the latest technology.

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Who We Are and What We Do

Builder Built. Pro Preferred.®

Estimating Edge is not a just a technology company. We’re builders, tradesmen, and industry professionals who have spent years “in the trenches,” building estimates, and building from estimates.

Focus on Estimating Solutions

We’ve been doing this for 30+ years. To us, estimating is not an upsell. It’s not a feature on your accounting software. It’s your next job, before there is a next job. It’s something that can make or break your chances at winning consistent work, so we take it very seriously.

Users Love VECTOR

“Vector lets us spend more time on estimating with a focus on pricing, not performing the takeoff.”

Users Love VECTOR

“Vectors saves up to 50% to 90% of the grunt work while doing a takeoff!”