Model-Based Estimating with Automated Quantities from 3D Models

The next-generation takeoff solution, VECTOR is built on tomorrow’s technology and created by experienced construction industry professionals and top-tier developers.

  • Leverage new technology without having to learn BIM.
  • Eliminate redrawing electronic plans and move through the takeoff process between 40%–70% faster.
  • And when you are done with your takeoff, finish your estimate within VECTOR or use The EDGE®, the professional-grade choice for estimators and EDGE On Site®, the construction jobsite project management app.

Automated Quantities
from 3D Models.

Leverage new technology without having to learn complex 3D software. This easy-to-use software lets you:

  • Import 3D models and extract the quantities and materials created by the architect
  • Filter out the noise and verify quantities and materials
  • View any design conflicts with the next-gen 3D viewer
  • Finish with a 2D quantity takeoff

Spend more time on estimating and less on measuring. Don’t just estimate faster. Estimate better.®

2D Quantity Takeoff

After you’ve validated the 3D elements, finish your takeoff in 2D or just use this powerful solution for 2D plans.

Web-based that’s lightning fast

 Using the latest technology, users see a noticeable difference in speed. Instead of loading every screen, VECTOR loads only what the user needs, so you can work smarter.

Cloud-based document management

Regardless of location, your team has a central location for all plans and documents.

Intelligent-Advanced Filters

After VECTOR extracts a 3D model, use filters to view data that matters to you.

Groundbreaking 3D Viewer

View design conflicts while you estimate. Select 2D elements on one monitor and the synchronized 3D viewer will highlight the same shape on the second monitor. Easily navigate the 3D model, understand how it’s built, and identify additional materials and labor you might miss on 2D plans.

Assign materials and labor with smart assemblies

Simple to create, it’s also easy to use and update! Have a material price change? Need to update a material waste percentage? Labor costs changing?

Assemblies can be saved and updated, or saved as a new assembly. Goodbye mistakes! Thank you for the extra time.

Complete the Estimate

Ready to dig into the numbers? With three options, you’ll be sure to have the most comprehensive estimate that’s accurate.

Reports. Add your company information in the header, view and print drawing reports, material and labor reports, and even a recap report that gives you the overall contract amount broken out based on your need.

Export to Microsoft® Excel® or Adobe® Acrobat®.

Integrates with The EDGE® Estimator

Have a complex estimate? Use the professional’s choice to understand what’s included. And then when you are ready to build, EDGE On Site® is the perfect companion to track production against the original estimate, plus any change orders.